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Default Re: God Slayers [IC]

Baba Yaga talks her way through the CIA headquarters, posing as various aides, messengers, bigwigs and visitors. She figures out which 'office' is dealing with the crisis, and that one Mr. Brian Myers is handling this particular issue. She swoops into the headquarters, and causally takes note of the situation: locations, troop deployments, a list of places Herazian has made demands to, places that have already surrendered ---

The information is good, as far as earth goes. The magical aspect is completely out of their depth. Someone got their hands on the word 'resplendian', but they don't know the history of this particular fellow, nor the strengths and weaknesses so common to resplendians. they seem to be over-obsessing on the fact that the polar sunset is exactly lined up with his ultimatium. Baba Yaga knows there isn't much behind that but the flare for the dramatic all resplendians seem to have.

Baba Yaga can speak to Mr. Myers in a guise of her choosing, or slip right back out.


Nessie is at home, and getting very clear reception on several informative scenes. One crystal ball is set to the north pole. Herazian is sitting on a chunk of ice he's towed, and looking rather bored. No nukes have been launched since the first volley.

antoher globe is set to watch the US president, who is mostly giving speeches, denying requests for martial law, and doing his best to avoid public panic.

another globe is on the closed doors UN meeting. Nessie points out one delegate... who seems to think he can take on Herazian himself---


This is of course Ward, and the UN members find his suggestion ridiculous.

"Oh, this is exactly the same" The Israeli delegate positively drips with sarcasm. "Herazian was requested by the Inuit to help them fight a war against their Canadian overlords, and he's respecting areas that are actually not part of his domain. Or maybe he was requested by... I'm not even sure how you could come up with a senario that's exactly the same. Your demand is ridiculous."

Ward is fairly sure this man is the designated 'bad cop' for the block he works at. Then other people come in and pretend to be more reasonable.

Sure enough, the Japanese Ambassador made his offer: "I'm sure we could at least make a cessation of hostilities, and refuse to aid any further uprisings. But the humans on that world are our people. We will cease attacking your people the elves, if they will promise to stop attacking the humans we have promised to protect. We will even force them to stop any wars. This is of, course, if you can truly stop this terrorist."

Ward notes that Japan has absolutely presence other than commercial on the world Elf in the first place. They'd have to convince others to take this deal. Stupid diplomats.

OCC: which avatar is currently 'on'?

The taxi driver is suitable impressed with the gold coin. Perhaps Ngesh overpaid? She can never tell on this world. They aren't used to gods, so she's never sure to be pleased with the respect she does get or to be displeased they aren't bowing low enough.

"You from off-world? You really should learn to use the internet. Or at least turn on the TV. yesterday A god swooped in and demanded everybody on earth to bow and worship him or be destroyed. Calls himself Herazian. Vistited world leader in the world in a matter of hours. I don't know if they'll let you in the building... he glances back again. Eh, they probably will."

"Any way, he's been attacked with multiple nuclear weapons are surely some fighter planes besides, but he's taken all the hits. There's some really scary footage out there of him taking out lots of the warheads and just weathering the blast on the others."

"Some cities have riots, particularly in the developing world. Everything has stayed mostly peaceful on the US. Protesters all over the place, and you'll have to walk through some of them to get to the main building, but nothing violent yet. The protesters don't even seem to be protesting all the same thing!".

OCC: tracking rolls... +1 status, +1 charisma, +5 appearance... yes, status from wealth will carry over over in shape-shifted form. A lot of it is bearing, and flipping gold coins around like that definitely qualifies him.
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