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I am looking to acquire just a few cards, but I have a lot of different things that could be traded for them, including money.

Here is what I want:
Battering Ram
Play a Go Up a Level Card GUAL
Here is what I can trade (More to be added soon, check back after update):
Perfect Quality:
Fantasy Backed Cards:
Feet Cheat
Lighter of Smiting
In a Booster Chair
Pegasus Steed ( Color W23 version )
Stocking Stuffers
Fairy Dust ( The set of cards )
Monster Enhancers ( The set of cards )
Reloaded! ( The set of cards )
Apocalypse Backed Cards:
Love Thy Neighbor GUAL
Munchkin Cthulhu:
Whim of The Elder Gods
Cult Membership Card
Curse! Sluggoth Shuffle
Monstrous Heritage
Mi-Go Mind Switch
The Stars are Cruel
Iron Chef R'Lyeh
Munchkin Zombies:
John of the Dead
Zombie Santa
Get A Head Go Up a Bunch of Levels
Mister Ded
Star Munchkin:
Meteor Shower
Tractor Beam
Fezz Lightweight
Munchkin Impossible:
Miss Moneybags
Munchkin FU:
Boo Fu
Super Munchkin:
Underwater HQ
Cal Q. Later
The Good, The Bad, And The Munchkin:
Bum Steer
Munchkin Booty:
Trapped Chest
Munchkin Quest:
Flask of Glue
Fold, Spindle, and Mutilate GUAL
Tanzanite Hex-A-Hedron
Garnet Hex-A-Hedron
Carnelian Hex-A-Hedron
Azurite Hex-A-Hedron
Jade Hex-A-Hedron
Tourmaline Hex-A-Hedron
Reversal of Fortune Scroll

Promo Stuff:
Silver Coins:
2014 coin

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