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Default Re: God Slayers [IC]

Ward had been here only a short time, he was fascinated with their computers and technology, and impressed with their empire that seemed to go on forever, but the people here were rude, crass, mostly lazy and loud, with little to no thought of balance in themselves or with their world.

With the current situation regarding Herazian, the talks regarding Ward's world were largely derailed. Ward did his best to get things back on track.

'Can't you see this is no different than your invasion of my people's world?'
He asked the humans he was supposed to be 'negotiating' with.

Ward was getting the impression that these talks were largely lip service. These humans delighted in talk, even when they had no intention of the practical application of their conclusions.

The internal debate raged within Ward. Would it be better for his people if this god held sway here? The humans back home would almost certainly stop receiving the aid that is allowing them to prevail over their elven betters, but would that threat return in a greater form when Herazian decided to use them as a full invasion force? Perhaps a deal could be struck.

"If I deal with this Herazian for you, will you foreswear my world and leave us to deal with our own affairs?"
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