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Default Re: God Slayers [IC]

Up in the Balkan Mountains a short rotund lady passes a ridge and starts following it down to a parking lot where a Winnebago is... parked. As she approaches she calls out, "Open up will ya? I found some good herbs." The RV's side door swings wide and she climbs in amd sets down her pack on a counter and takes a seat. A voice from seemingly nowhere says, "Some interesting things happened while you were out Babushka. I was listening to the radio while you were out and well. It seems their is a fellow claiming to be a god holed up on the north pole. People have already tried to Nuke him. Didn't work. Think we should help?"

Babushka replies, "Well yeah. But first I want to take a shower. Then a good cooked meal. Then I've got to get everything put away in it's place. After that we head towards Langley, Virginia. The US is still the only superpower nowadays no matter what China wants to claim. I figure I'll bluff my way into the CIAs headquarters. Talk to the guy in charge there and see where that takes me. Oh and could you be a dear and turn up the radio so I can hear what all the News is saying about this hubbub please Hut?

So she showers, eats, tidies up, and heads to the CIA's headquarters.

Do you want to just say she is able to talk to who she needs to or would you rather play it out? I'm in favor of glossing it over.
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