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Bigfoot Watch Post 1.

Bigfoot hung by his knees backwards from a tall tree looking through some binoculars to a pair of rustic cabins nearly 500 feet away.

Two men came out of one of the cabins. One had all his hiking and hunting gear on. The other wasn't even wearing his orange hunting vest.

They were having an exchange of loud words.

Strange. Amercan hunters clearly came here together. Why part ways now? Argument over what? Two people Too close Too long for hunt maybe. Maybe upset they find no elk. Only one day left for hunting season. Was one wimp of man? Know the one remaining is lazy man. Leave food wrappers wherever he tromped.

Bigfoot watched as the heavily encumbered one waited outside while the lazy man went back inside. Soon the men were both geared up with backpacks headed for civilization. Bigfoot would have let them be, happy he had foiled the wimpy lazy men's hunting trip by shooing elk away wherever the men were headed... But Bigfoot spotted the lazy man had taken a radio from the cabin... Stealing was wrong right? Good enough reason to follow and mess with these guys.

Bigfoot swung through the trees with the greatest of ease... Taking a shortcut through the dense branches to get closer to the failed pilfering hunters. He caught up with them after a couple of hours. He overheard the radio which had been an excellent beacon for him to follow.

"...but sumthing at the White House had no sumthin at reports of sumthin sumthin in the Arctic.. A closed door UN sumthin council meeting that started yesterday continues even now..."

Uh oh. Sounds interesting.

Bigfoot snuck up on the men as the radio continued.

"...The invader is but one man... The US can't sumthin to terrorists, no matter how powerfull...but news sources report coups in several Ukranian city states declaring sumthin to Herazian..."

Bigfoot snatched the radio and rifle from the lazy hunter.


Tussle. Had both rifles now.

"Leave. Never return." Said Bigfoot, turning down the radio.

The wimpy one reached for his pistol. Looking for the unseen assailant.

Bigfoot dropped the rifles and radio and hurled the lazy man at the wimpy man with a satisfying crash. He took back one of the rifles and the radio and played cat and mouse a moment. He fired the rifle into the air. Finally they got the message! The hunters ran away.

Bigfoot unloaded the rifles and hid them. He took the radio with him up a mighty tall tree and listened several hours until he understood the gist of the situation as it was being reported by the US media outlets.

Bigfoot considered the situation with some worry. He ate many leaves and a small branch. Another worlder? He likely brings disease that will destroy these people.. Could Bigfoot let this happen like it did to his own people some 500 years ago? Or worse... Would he use the disease ridden humans of this earth to invade and infest another?? No...the line must be drawn here...

Bigfoot went back to the cabin to return the radio. He then raided the cabins for food to prepare for his journey... He had some potions from his lab... Instant transport tore at the very fabric of one's being... So his first trip would be to his old colleague Nessie.

Bigfoot hopped and yawlped. He called and he sprawled his arms in patterns. The cabin surroundings faded some, and new different surroundings flashed and slowly supplanted the old until Bigfoot came to the boggy least travelled parts of the Scottish highlands hopefully near the loch in question.

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