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Default Re: Influence Skills Modifying Reaction Rolls

Originally Posted by malloyd View Post
He could, but it wouldn't mean anything. You make a reaction roll when the PCs are interacting with the NPC each time it matters how he responds. You could have rolled one before they met if you want, but as far as I can tell by the RAW it wouldn't matter what the result was, since you'd roll a new one the first time they cared what he did. And again each time they asked for something else. And in neither case would the fact the last roll was horrible not at all influencing the odds this next one will be great....
I think you are only supposed to make another roll if circumstances actually change. Even if the rules actually say to roll everytime the NPC is encountered it's obviously superior to not.

Originally Posted by malloyd View Post
Reaction rolls (and influence skills) are quite blunt instruments. I'd hoped Social Engineering would do something about that, but it didn't really. A major rewrite (perhaps on the model of Control Points) would be interesting, but I don't know that it would be all that much better - social interactions are so multidimensional it's hard to flatten them to a single scale of a few named reaction levels.
It would be nice to at least reduce the chances of people randomly hating PCs. SE's expanded reaction tables kind of ameliorates that actual results though they do nothing to address the actual causes.
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