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Default Re: Influence Skills Modifying Reaction Rolls

Originally Posted by Sindri View Post
It's annoying that reaction rolls connect only tenuously to later influence rolls. It seems clear that influence skills should act directly upon the result of a reaction roll. The limit of good or very good reactions while useful for mechanical differentiation also produces odd results. Someone rolling a good reaction should not go "welp, guess I don't need to roll diplomacy then". Social Engineering (and a possible interpretation of Basic) doesn't let people roll reaction and then influence except with diplomacy but that's bad and can be ignored.

So, anyone done anything like this?
Done anything like what exactly?

Sure, Diplomacy is the only skill that can use an Influence Roll after determining the initial reaction, but I'm okay with that. If the players want to find out what someone feels about them first, that's their choice. if they want to make Influence Rolls on npcs then they should be making a point of actively trying to ingratiate themselves with the target.

Anyway, Influence Rolls are only a part of Influence Skills. Social Engineering shows this. Whilst Building Trust and Competitive Influence make use of Influence Rolls, many things are just Skill Rolls. A Good (or better) reaction is not the end for your Social Skills.
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