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Default Re: Password reset

Yes it is automated (like just about every other password reset feature out there).

Things that stop you from receiving the emails:

1. Your email client or provider's spam, junk or sorting features.

2. The information you give the form is not valid for your actual account.

3. A glitch in the storage system.

I've ranked them in order of likelihood as to the cause, based on the CS issues I've resolved personally or seen for our site.

For #1, there's nothing we can do to affect your filters on your email. This simply requires looking in places other than your Inbox or examining your current settings to make sure messages from us are getting through properly.

For #2, you can contact us and let us know you are still having trouble. We can easily verify if the information you are entering into the form is valid or not.

#3 is much rarer, but still possible. I can count those cases on one hand and still be able to point up at checking #1 and #2 from the list above as the probable cause of any password reset issues.
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