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Default Re: wordbound NPCS and overdoing it

One thing about "Words" that has always struck me is that an Angel grows as they realize their Word covers more ground that was first apparent.

As mentioned above respect, tradition, courtesy and gender roles are all involved. an Angel of Curtsying needs to ask WHY do people curtsy, what is the modern/current equivalent of a curtsy, how do others appropriately respond to a curtsy or other formal expression of respect and deference and what are the cultural equivalents?

I also suspect that Angels don't communicate ideas and concepts in modern English. The "Word" we read is a translation of the idea/ concept so our minds can comprehend. "Curtsy" potentially involves MUCH more than the mere physical act as known in the West.

As teh Angel grows and expands their Word, perhaps the "Angel of Curtsying" eventually becomes the "Angel of Respect", "Angel of Social Conventions" or "Angel of Traditions" depending on how they promote their Word.

...and curtsying isn't as dead as one might think. MANY cultures still practice it or the equivalent for very formal occasions. It or the equivalent is still taught to the aristocracy of Europe and Asia.

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