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Default Re: God Slayers [OCC]

Baba Yaga:
Player: Poonbahbah
Ht: 4 10
Wt: 231 lbs
Size Modifier: 0
Age: -/Looks about 70
Point Total: 600 Breakdown: Attributes 280 Sec. Attr. 0 Lang/culture 1 Adv/perks 201 Disadv/quirks -61 Skill 177 unspent 2

ST: 12 [20]
DX: 12 [40]
IQ: 20 [200]
HT: 12 [20]

Secondary Attributes
HP: 12 [0]
Will: 20 [0]
Per: 20 [0]
FP: 12 [0]

Basic Lift: 29 lbs
Damage thrust: d, swing d+2
Basic Speed: 6.00 [0]
Move: 6 [0]

Social Background
TL: 8 [0]
Cultural Familiarity:
All Human
Fairy [1]

All Human Tongues (Native/Native)
Demonic (Native/Native) [0] One of my 2 free languages, the other is included in All Human Tongues

Combat Reflexes [15]
Talant (Jack of All Trades) [30] Raises default skill use by 3
Omnilingual [40]
Cultural Adaptability[10]

(Exotic Supernatural) [103+3]
Ally 400 points (15) [30] Goes by the name Hut but looks like an RV nowadays.
Illusion [46] +100% Mental, +100% Stigmata, +5% Selective, -10% Magic -30% Mental = 25*3.05 = 76.25, 76.25*.6 = 45.75
Mind Reading (Alt to Illusion) [6] +50% Multiple Contacts, -10% Magic -30% Mental = 30*1.5 = 45, 45*.6 = 27, 27/5 round up = 6
Mind Probe [12] -10% Magic -30% Mental
Mind Link (Hut) [3] -10% Magic, -30% Mental
Telesend [6] -80% Hut Only -00% Magic, -00% Mental


Efficient (Herb Lore) [1]

Appearance (Ugly) [-8] Stringy hair bad complexion -2 to reaction rolls
Sense of Duty (Humanity) [-45] *3 campaign modifier
Very Fat [-5] -3 to disguise or shadowing, +5 to swimming +3 to resist knock-back Ht may not exceed 13

Broad Minded [-1]
Distinctive Feature [-1] Beak of a nose -1 to disguise and shadowing and +1 for others to identify or follow me.
Habit [-1] Fits in "Call me Babushka" into almost if not all her introductions with people.

Alchemy (VH) IQ+3 [20]-23
Artist Illusion (H) IQ-1 [0]-19 Power Skill (Regular Illusion) I'm assuming Jack of all Trades doesn't up default to as much as you would get as if you put a point into it. This skill has a generous default like Sex Appeal with stat-3.
Body Language (A) Per+5 [0]-25 Default from Psychology-4
Chemistry (H) IQ [0]-20 Default from Alchemy -3
Computer Programming (H) IQ-2 [1]-18
Criminology (A) IQ+5 [0]-25 Default from Psychology-4
Detect Lies (H) Per+5 [0]-25 Default from Psychology-4
Diagnosis (H) IQ-2 [1]-18
Diplomacy (H) IQ [4]-20 Gives +2 to Reaction rolls
Engineer! (VH*3) IQ-3 [3]-17
Fast Talk (A) IQ [2]-20 Gives +2 to Reaction rolls
Guns (E)
-Rifle DX+4 [8]-16
Herb Lore (VH) IQ+6 [32]-26
Hidden Lore! (VH*3) IQ-1 [12]-19
Interrogation (A) IQ+5 [0]-25 Power Skill (Mind Probe), Default from Psychology-4
Mind Reading (H) IQ+1 [8]-21 Power Skill (Mind Reading)
Psychology (H) IQ+9 [40]-29 Power Skill (Mental Illusions)
Staff (A) DX+3 [12]-15
Surgery (VH) IQ-3 [1]-17
Thaumatology (Mind Magic) (VH) IQ+6 [32]-26
Veterinary (H) IQ-2 [1]-18


Combat Load:

Travel Load:

Encumbrance:Combat load - x lbs (none -0 move)

Travel Load - x lbs (none -0 move)


Dodge- 10
Parry ()

Back Story:
Baba Yaga is a witch. And a good one too. Well that is to say competent, very competent. Not really good in the sense of Heroic. Although she has helped several Heroes in her time. Long ago she was a medicine women for her village. Almost as long ago she was abducted by the fay folk who wished to make use of her skills for she was quite competent even than. After a few bargains struck both good and bad she returned some 5 centuries ago to the world we know with Hut in tow. She's watched the world change and has enjoyed changing with it. But know we've started poking our noses around where we're likely to get into mischief and she hopes to help the rest of survive because she isn't that bad.

No beauty she would be rather plain looking if not for all the times she's spent around the cauldron brewing various potions which have left her her stringy and her complexion rather poor.
TJ, O, J, Alex

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