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Default Zombies have a mind of their own! Combining Munchkin Cthulhu with Munchkin Zombies.

This week-end, some friends and I, tried to combine Munchkin Cthulhu and Zombies. We just relish at the idea of having the undead battle the influence of the Elder Gods (Big contradiction there). We had the rules of both games and the rules from Cheat With Both Hands hitch your forum recommended. We shuffled both core sets with the expansions Cthulhu 2,3 , Zombies 2, left out the Crazed Caverns and the Hideous Hideouts, and off we go!

Let say that the experience was less than entertaining than the core sets by themselves. I donít know if we were expecting too much, if the cards were just poorly stacked, if the stars were ill that day or if we had the zombies from VS Plants in play. But we all felt that Zombies just unbalanced the game.

I would like to give this combination a second chance, before some players condemned the idea all together. So Iíve looked on this forum to see if anyone had a similar problem and if someone had some tips to make it a fun combination game. I didnít find anything yet.

Does any of the Munchkin elites have some recommendation and tips that would make this a fun crossover?
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