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Cherub question:
Say I have a Cherub of Fire, and he wants to go into the service of another Archangel, and Gabriel has not released the Cherub, does he get both Choir Attunments (Fire & new AA)?
The answer is a bit complex. He's essentially running Renegade in one way demons do, hopping organizations. And, like demons, this means that the new Superior -- an Archangel in this case -- gets to decide what the new Servitor keeps.

Now, the question then is: how much does this Archangel want to tick off Gabriel? He (or she) is already going to be annoying Gabriel by taking this Servitor without at least her tacit permission. Leaving on any Fire attunements, with no guarantee that the angel is going to be using them to strengthen the Word of Fire (by punishing the cruel), is going to be even more insulting -- and add at least slight injury to it! When someone uses a Word-bound's powers in ways that do not aid the Word, and may even hinder it, it harms the Word-bound. (See the stuff on Words in the Game Master's Guide.)

The politic thing to do, in a case like this, would be to arrange with Soldekai (Gabriel's Chamberlain; see Superiors 3 or The Marches) to have the Cherub placed in service to the new Archangel, and not actually move the Heart immediately or change the dissonance conditions. Then, when Gabriel can be caught in a good mood, actual transfer of the Heart, and what attunements she wants stripped or left, can be discussed. Mind, if the new Archangel is, say, Dominic... Well. Er. There's no politic thing possible here.

Likewise, if the enthusiastic Cherub has already filched its own Heart (much less difficult for angels than demons, though your former fellow Servitors may look at you funny), it's hard to mend the rift, and the Archangel might as well make the best of it.

In a medium to light Brightness campaign, the Archangel will take into consideration how much cruelty the Cherub is going to smite; if the attunement is going to be both useful and the Cherub will still be bashing betrayers (such as being on a special Dominican Djinn-hunting triad?), then the Archangel might well leave the Choir Attunement in place.

((NOTE! If this is part of character backstory, and the character has two Cherub Choir Attunements, one of them costs 5 points -- if the GM allows it at all! The GM could decide that the new Archangel doesn't yet fully trust the Cherub with his Choir Attunement, for instance, since this Cherub clearly ditched his old Archangel so rudely already...))

If the Archangel decides that the Cherub is not going to be helping the Word of (bright) Fire, even tangentially, the more politic thing to do might be to strip any attunements of Fire. If Gabriel disagrees and forgives, she can put them back later.

In a dark Brightness campaign, the Cherub keeps the attunement if it's useful to the Archangel, and the Archangel doesn't think it will call the Cherub's new loyalties into question. The Archangel probably will NOT grant his own Cherub Choir Attunement, though, until a great deal of good service has been performed; the Cherub ran off once before, after all!

ANOTHER NOTE! The Cherub will be dissonant for not getting Gabriel's permission! The last paragraph of p. 95 is: But even aside from applied resonance, a Cherub must never betray his Superior, his friends, his ideals or himself. (Emphasis mine.) Yanking up your Heart without permission is most definitely a betrayal of trust, and the Cherub is entirely likely to get pounced on by his fellow Cherubim (of Fire) for it, his fellow Mercurians (of Fire) for the self-cruelty inherent in becoming dissonant in this way, and various Malakim (of just about everyone) for the dishonor of it all.

It's possible to do all this, and have it as a backstory, but for a Cherub -- especially one of Fire -- it's a bad idea to do it, and it's a fairly angsty backstory.

(Or the GM can handwave. Hey. Whatever helps the campaign.)

Artifact Question:
As for Artifacts, if I had a Level 1 corporeal artifact that is also a level 2 ethereal artifact. I have 3 Forces in each realm. What is the target number to divine the location of the artifact?
Use the best target number. In this case, a 5 (Talisman/2 + EthForces 3).
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