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Also to the point, it would be extremely unusual for an angel to switch service without receiving at least tacit permission from his first Archangel. If the new Archangel is hostile to the old, it's a distant possibility... but Judgment would be highly concerned with any angel who blatantly went against his own Archangel's wishes, and not many other Archangels would want to take someone like that into their service. (This is, of course, assuming that you're not running a Dark campaign where angels flee their own Archangels for the service of someone else. It would certainly be considered a highly hostile act to accept the service of an angel against his current Archangel's wishes.)

Assuming that an agreement has been reached between the two Archangels, though--even a very unhappy and grudging arrangement would still count--what attunements were kept would certainly depend on how the old Archangel felt about the transfer, and about the new Archangel. And then there are those you can't keep; if your Cherub of Fire has the Malakite of Fire attunment and transfers to the service of Lightning, he loses that Malakite of Fire attunement, having neither Choir nor Word to make it 'match up' with his own Heart.
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