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Originally Posted by ErhnamDJ View Post
GURPS House Rules: Skill List

My shortened skill list house rules with a brief explanation.
This list is a very good one!

Everyone who knows me also knows that I use very few house rules (if any) and that I almost always support rules as written (because I find them very clever and consistent).

But I am often puzzled with official GURPS skill list. As you noted it, some skills are very detailed while others are very broad. For things like Housekeeping, this is not really important. Housekeeping is just a background skill or something that a character can take to be able to invite important non player characters at home without risking turning as red as a beetroot...

But for some others, this is very strange. Why does a scientist who takes Physics know all topics of this very wide science while an archaeologist will have to learn different skills for History? And why is a man who knows Saber so clumsy when using a cavalry saber (which requires the Broadsword skill)?

This sound strange, very strange, and eventually gives a very huge skill list which is not at all intuitive.
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