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Default Re: GCA and Half-Stat Default

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
Would every file need to be recast using this, then? The game I'd like to play is a TL8/9 X-COM/Action type mashup. Fight bugs, kill them, take their stuff.
Every file that has skills would need to get a fix-up like this file. Fortunately, there are very few skills that aren't in the basic set, and most of them are just new specialties of existing skills (new Fast-Draw or specific Area Knowledge or some-such). This file should, as of now, cover 99% of things in the game in GCA, and those that aren't covered will be obvious as their type will use the old setup and be, for example, IQ/H instead of IQ/H[-1]

I did notice an error in the file I posted, but came across it as I was laying in bed last night going over the new Pyramid. Unfortunately I don't remember what the error was, so will have to re-read it and see if I can find it again.

EDIT: OK, I believe I've fixed the error I'd found and corrected it. Specifically, I'd either misread or misinterpreted the line saying what the default modifier was supposed to be for skills which don't have an attribute default; specifically I'd assigned a modifier of +0 for all skills with no attribute modifier instead of +1 for Easy, +0 for Average, and -1 for Hard & Very Hard.
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