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Default Re: GCA and Half-Stat Default

for actual defaults:
It is sort of seldom that defaults appear on character sheets; the instance that comes to mind is when a character owns a weapon that they don't really know how to use. In that instance, the key would be to change how the skillused tag is written on all the weapons.

for skill levels:
You could rewrite the Skilltypes section, I think, with the defaultstat tag altered to divide the Attribute and the base tag set to work with the article. I am not positive that the defaultstat tag is math enabled, but this is what I would try first, since it would mean not having to do any alteration to all the skills there are.

BTW, clever article, there! I may give this a shot, just to see if it works. Skilltypes is not a section I have ever messed with, so this is like exploring a neighborrhood you don't usually stop in.
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