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Originally Posted by ajardoor View Post
I Prepared Explosive Runes Today (or "Uh-oh! Looks like you clicked the wrong square!")
Spell Effect: Greater Create Energy + Lesser Control Magic.
Inherent Modifiers: Damage, External Burning (Explosive 1).
Greater Effects: 1 (x3).

This spell is cast as a charm on a piece of paper with writing on it, which is then usually folded up for safety reasons. When anyone reads the writing on the paper charm, it triggers the spell to create an fiery explosion with the paper as its 'point of impact' (ground zero). The explosion's damage is 4d burning.
See B104 and B414 for rules on explosions.

Typical Casting: Greater Create Energy (6) + Damage, External Burning 4d (Explosive 1 +50%) (14) + Lesser Control Magic (5). 75 energy (25x3).
Requiring the target read the charm is probably a bit much for a charm trigger - you'll probably need something like Lesser Sense Mind tossed on to handle that bit. As for the explosion, RPM actually lets you make external spells explosive simply by reducing the multiplier to 2x (rather than 3x) - you need to just start with a spell that does 2d damage, which is only 4 energy.
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