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Originally Posted by robkelk View Post
March 15 is the Ides of March - I suspect that's why it was chosen as the day the Overmind awoke.

(March 15, 1937 is the day H.P. Lovecraft died. March 15, 1967 is the day Naoko Takeuchi was born - she would go on to create Sailor Moon. Both are probably irrelevant, along with practically everything else listed on Wikipedia's page for the day.)
you are absolutely right Robkelk. :-)
it makes sense what you said of why maybe author David Pulver may had choose the Ides of March for Overmind boot-day day. je je.

i don't think overmind date had be chosen for %$#naoko takeushi birthday since sailor moon is not a dark apocalypse anime at all and David like aniroids humanoid female cats from scifi anime action, not a sailor moon.

and is truth that H.P. Lovecraft wrote many dark alien and monsters stories but still i dont think his death have anything to do with mechapocalypse like reign of steel.

hey did you know that Roboapocalypse novel sequel's Robogenesis will be release on this june?
on the upcoming sequel the machines had evolved and develope bio-convertor to get their energy just like we biological beings do.
author is daniel wilson.

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