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In terms of my proposed mechanics: Iíd have all of the Traditions share the same set of Realms, for the most part: Correspondence, Fate, Forces, Life, Matter, Mind, Prime, Spirit, and Time. Iíd allow some customization to this: for instance, many Virtual Adepts replace Correspondence with Data (a Correspondence variant described in the recent NWO Convention Book); most Euthanatoi practice Entropy instead of Fate (the former having more of a focus on destructive phenomena than the latter); Etherites often practice Machines instead of Matter (the former being a variant of the latter focusing more on intricate systems than on the properties of substances, and incorporating the ability to create Wonders); and so on.

Likewise with the Technocracy: the same nine Realms, with individual Conventions often favoring variants of one or two Realms that are more closely aligned with their perspectives. Conversely, there should be Disparate factions with Realm sets that have little in common with the Traditionsí Realms. For instance, I could see the Sisters of Hypollyta using Season-themed Realms instead of the default nine: anything that doesnít fit into one or another of their Realms either involves Conjunctional use of several or simply isnít available to them.
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