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Default Re: [RPM] Post your rituals here

Create mirror realm:
Create Crossroads, Body, Mind, Matter, Magic(all greater) +30
Subject weight: 4050 tons (2x largest tree wet weight) +12
Area of effect: 10K mile radius (Earth has 8K mile radius) +84
Duration: 100 years +1210
sub total: 1336
x11(5 greater) = 14696

This ritual creates a magical alternate earth in it's own dimension.
Not happy with the world you were born into? Create your own!
(don't forget to maintain it regularly though)

Note: cost drops to 12024 if none of the created species are intelligent
Note: Cost is 1826 if long duration optional rules are in effect, or 1925 for 1000 years

If you cast a ritual with a duration of 1 month, then the next day maintain it for 11 energy, is the remaining duration 30 or 59 days?
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