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Flight: I just do the breast stroke, back stroke, or dog-paddle (varies by dream) and it works. I have this one kind of a lot, which I'm told is associated with a positive self-image, which I guess the people who know me would probably back up..

Location: The Glass Dormitory. Just like my college, only all surfaces are transparent. Everybody can see everybody else and voyeurism is rampant, but it's a collegiate type setting and nobody really cares unless you commit serious crimes. The setting of a very wide variety of my dreams, from positive memories to trying to hide a murder, for some reason.
You and I have similar minds, man. I've had the dream of ebony-winged flight a few times, but the one I remember most was one in which I flew into a college dormitory in the early morning. The windows were impossibly tall French windows, as were the ceilings, and all the students were sleeping, together, as I flew above them.

But there was no one, for me.

Then, I flew out of the other side of the dorm, and soared high into the beautiful blue-white sky, until I saw a woman standing on the top of a hill, below, beneath a tree. I flew down, and I saw her face shift and flow into the faces of the women I've loved. When I landed, my wings disappeared and I knew they would never return, as long as I stayed with her.

The only thing I could think was, "Why doesn't she fly, too?"

Then, I woke up.

More than 15 years later, I remember that dream as clearly as if I'd just woken from it. It's one of about six "crystal-clear dreams" (I call them), I've had in my life.

I remember them, all, equally well.
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