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Default Re: In Nomine in the oWoD Storyteller System

There is a lot unsaid by this post which needs clarification.

Are they interested in playing Vampires or Celestials?

Do you envision Celestials being just another generic 'monster' or are they significantly more powerful (on par with IN) to the vamps and claws of oWOD, i.e. do you see A vampire being able to go toe to toe with A Celestial? (If so, you need to answer why God's/Satan's Minions are so weak)

Are Celestials going to be used as NPC 'big bosses' or as PCs?

How does this integrated with your world's mythology (imo, a HUGE issue)

Angels in oWoD were MONSTEROUSLY powerful. Consider that it was the angels which stuck the curses onto Caine.

But for a quick comparison

oWod characters had stats maxed out at 5. IN characters max out at 6

oWod has a 'power pool' of 10 (blood, rage, Quintessence etc.). IN has one of 9 (one per force)

Does this suggest anything to you? File off the names, use the dice pool as used, maybe give Celestials one extra dot in the Physical aspects, make vessels a merit to buy with freebies, and use Songs as is. Yes, they are more powerful than the powers of Vamp, but they also have less latitude: i.e. a vamp with protean 1 can see in the dark. A Serpah with Corproeal Motion can fly...but he never gets to turn to mist as he advances.

Each Choir/Band gets an automatic 'power' from whatever discipline is closest to the end result. For example, a Seraph would get Auspex 2: an ear for lies, an Impudite a level of Presence, and a Ofanim Celerity.

All Celestials get 'body of mist' to mimic Celestial Form, but they can only stay that way for a short time, it takes a die roll and it is ENORMOUSLY LOUD to do.

Other powers would be trickier.

An off the cuff, no math or statistical analysis, gouge I'd use is Dissonance cuts one die from the dice pool per note. This will probably be a lot more crippling in WoD than in IN.

Recall Disturbance. This is huge in IN.

There is a generic 'we don't want to admit that angels are cool, but they are so we HAVE to include them anyway, but we'll we'll call them something else so as not to offend the Goth Girls' WW spin off of Angels in Mage and Nephilim can fill the bill of Demons and demon spawn.

Magic would be the much lower power rite stuff from Sorcery and the other Lesser Paths for human mages and not the heady "I am God" reality altering stuff of Mage to maintain the flavor.

This is a start.
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