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Default Re: [RPM] effects that don't need modifiers

Originally Posted by Ejidoth View Post
That's actually the one that led to me posting this. I was contemplating how to stat a Mind Control spell, and it was coming out much cheaper than just afflicting some mental disads (i.e. any mental disads that would require a Greater effect.)
I'm going to assume you didn't answer my earlier post because you either had nothing to say or you didn't see it. That said, Mind Control is a classic effect and should be fairly reproducible. You'd need to have at minimum a Duration of 10 minutes (+1 energy) and a Greater Control Mind effect (+5 energy) for a grand total of 18 energy. Keep in mind for this sort of control I'd require the caster to constantly be giving the subject commands "Attack them" "Defend me" "Eat a corndog." And I'd use the same modifiers from Hypnotism too - i.e., a immediate reroll against the spell at +5 for suggestions that threaten his life or his loved ones, or that go strongly against his character. The book could not cover every situation. That would be impossible or at best a unending Grail Quest. The GM really does have to get involved. For more advanced control I'd do something like Greater Sense Mind + Greater Control Mind + Greater Create Mind. Then the target will be controlled by the equivalent of a "Magical A. I." That has your best interests at heart, thus freeing you of giving commands.

Originally Posted by Ejidoth View Post
The other thing that gave me pause was the sheer ease and cheapness of creating and using a pocket dimension with RPM, in light of the recent Pyramid article that charges around 100 points for a similar capability.
Originally Posted by Ejidoth View Post
The spell 'Create Pocket Dimension' on page 40 of the ritual path magic book, in fact. It appears to use Greater Create Crossroads to create an extradimensional space, with Lesser Create Matter to give it an air supply and maybe a floor and walls. No extra costs are added beyond area of effect and duration.
It's a little vague (it says the wizard and anyone he brings along can access it, but doesn't specify whether that requires a second spell, is free at any time, or is only an option when the dimension is created) but it creates an apartment-sized pocket dimension for a month at 81 energy, and of course renewing a month-long spell is just 11 energy sometime before it expires, easily paid for with a combination of the party's fatigue and a meager mana reserve.
As the creator of both this spell and that article I can answer you quite simply: The advantage is permanent, requires no maintenance, and can be truly useful. The spell is useful, but it goes away (eventually unless maintained), and can be dispelled if someone uses a equally simple Sense effect to breach dimensional barriers. That said, creating pocket dimensions may very well be impossible in the campaign, or as Varyon suggested require a secret Path.
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