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Default Angels sleeping with Demons (odd cases)

Dominic's Triads have been punishing Angels for engaging in corporal relations with Servitors of Lust almost since the Demons were released. However, Lusties aren't the only Demons out there. While the Game, Fate, Factions and Dark Humor can be almost as bad as Lust, some other Words just confuse the Triads.

Angels sleeping with Vapulans are viewed as odd, but not as odd as the Vapulans. Triads have at least been known to check back with Heaven before taking further Action. Servitors of Lightning who do so are *probably* in trouble, but a few Servitors of Marc have managed to pull it off...

The *really* odd angels over the years are those who've slept with Samingans. The one that normally gets used as an example during training for Triads is a Destinarian whose use of Synchronicity always brought her to the Samingan's bedroom, though it doesn't do anymore since both of their hearts are now in the same nook in the Library.

A few other Demonic words in the past also broke the standard rules, most notably Sloth and Disease...

Also, theoretically Marc is breaking the rules by sleeping with Lilith, but Dominic long ago justified that to himself...
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