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Default Re: Question about mortals and die mechanics

My theory on this is to extend the Risk Mechanic. Default IN allows players to take a -1 to their check digits in return for a +1 on the target number for success. You could extend this as far as -5 to CD/+5 to TN, representing somebody taking an incredibly small amount of risk in return for a much higher chance of success.

If the negative to CD would reduce it below 1, count it as 1.

What this results in is an environment where mundane, low-skilled humans still achieve things from day to day simply because they don't take risks and play it safe, whereas celestials have the stat numbers to be able to take risks now and then.

You may want to limit this ability for extreme risk avoidance to mundanes (play it as part of their familiarity with the Corporeal plane, or something) or set limits to it (say only allowing a -3/+3 shift) depending on what works out best for you.
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