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Default Re: Whats a Munchkin?

Originally Posted by Doktor Teufel
A munchkin is, in short, someone who will put a pink whirligig hat on his traditional fantasy barbarian solely because it increases his ST. (And any other player who tends to do this sort of thing).
Truly if I would be facing dead everyday I would take ANYTHING (even wearing a pink whirligig hat) that would help me, so this seems to be really just a wise decision...
And truly I don't know many people (exactly noone actually), who don't want to win (yes there are those who don't mind so much if they don't, still they prefer to win)

My experience is that if someone yells Munchkin at you, its because you have optimized your character better than him (of course if he had your skills at optimizing he would do so too)

Technically, a powergamer is someone who Min/Maxes his character ad extremum (but still within the rules). A munchkin on the other hand sees the rules more flexible (some may be bent, others broken)...
I'm not a Munchkin, I'm the Munchkin's Advocate
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