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Default Re: Whats a Munchkin?

Originally Posted by Stonebender
I have constantly herd this term used. Often with very different viewpoints on what exactly it means.

To me, I think Munchkin means someone who tries to excede the intended balance of a game or someone who Min/Maxes they're character to be extremely effective in a very narrow field while drasticaly reducing capability everywhere else.

Example 1: a fighter who is as strong as possible, wears the heavyiest armor possible, carries the biggest weapon possible, and has no other redeming qualities or storyline/roleplaying purpose. Munchkin

Example 2: a wheelchair bound character who has a child, requires frequent medical attention, is a pasifist, and is a extremely powerful psychic would not be munchkin in my openion as long as the campaign involved psychics.

The nature of its disadvantages means there is a lot of roleplayability in the character and some inherent dependency on the other PCs who are more physicaly capable. It would of course be totaly unacceptable in a game where mental powers are not part of the storyline in some manner.

How do you guys define Munchkinism? Examples would be apreciated. munchkin and non munchkin
It's a derogatory and insulting term coined by elitist gamers to describe players of power gaming styles in what is literally a belittling way. No specific definition was ever made, the term started being used generally and used as often as not against player types that the person using the word it didn't happen to like.

Similar to cases where "Rules Lawyer" was used to villify players whose style consisted mainly of blatant rules breaking!

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