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Default Ogre Designer's Edition contents

This is a reasonable description of the retail version of Ogre Designer's Edition, to the best of my knowledge (having never seen one).

Most likely, you should receive a single large shipping carton from the store. Inside that carton you will find a bit of stuffing and a single shrink-wrapped item. Put the giant shrink-wrapped box upside-down on its giant tank silhouette side, remove the shrink wrap carefully and you will find these items.
Contents of shipping carton & shrinkwrap:
  • Bottom sheet with various text and images. Very important: turn this sheet over to find the "Read Me First" construction instructions.
  • Blueprint poster.
  • Four shrink-wrapped packs of countersheets.
  • ODE box (upside down).

Flip over the box and patiently open it (lots of suction). Inside the box you will find these items.
Contents of Ogre box itself:
  • Two clear "Ogre garages", each occupying half of the box.
  • A bag of paperwork, including.
    • Rulebook
    • Scenario book
    • 2x double-sided reference charts (terrain effects, combat results, turn sequence, size table).
    • 1x double-sided "Ogre Record Sheets".
    • 1x double-sided "Ogre Miniatures Record Sheets".
  • Two halves of the (orange) Ogre map, folded in half.
  • Eight halves of the four (green) GEV maps, folded in sixths.
  • Two dice (red, blue).
  • Black counter tray, filling bottom of box.

Inside the four packs of countersheets (from outside the box), you will find the following 32 countersheets. Seriously, do not punch anything out until you read the "Read Me First" sheet and consult the assembly and storage guides.
Countersheets in Retail Editions:
  • 4x A1 (Combine Units)
  • 1x A2 (Black Rose Mercs 1)
  • 1x A3 (Black Rose Mercs 2)
  • 1x A4 (Black Rose Mercs 3)
  • 1x A5 (Black Rose Mercs 4)
  • 4x B1 (Paneuropean Units)
  • 2x B2 (Sponsored by Robert Gurskey)
  • 6x C1 (Small Overlays)
  • 1x D1 (Road Overlays 1)
  • 1x D2 (Road Overlays 2)
  • 1x E1 (Combine Ogres)
  • 1x E2 (Paneuropean Ogres)
  • 1x E3 (Sponsored by Thomas Heysek 1)
  • 1x E4 (Sponsored by Thomas Heysek 2)
  • 1x F1 (Combine Ogres 2)
  • 1x F2 (Ogres)
  • 1x G1 (Combine Buildings)
  • 1x H1 (Fencers)
  • 1x I1 (Buildings)
  • 1x J1 (Sponsored by Michael Johnston)

If you have a Kickstarter Edition (with a red or yellow stripe at the top of the shipping carton), you will receive an additional six countersheets. The yellow version will also include a copy of Pocket Ogre in the carton.
Additional countersheets in Kickstarter Editions:
  • 1x K1 (Targets Go Boom 1)
  • 1x L1 (Targets Go Boom 2)
  • 1x M1 (KS Exclusive Overlays 1)
  • 1x M2 (KS Exclusive Overlays 2)
  • 1x P1 (Vulcans & Friends 1)
  • 1x Q1 (Vulcans & Friends 2)

As a separate purchase, additional countersheets are available only from the $4.5K backers, not Steve Jackson Games. These sheets are the following.
Countersheets for purchase from Sponsors at $4,500 level:
  • A6 (Nihon Empire: North American Divisions)
  • B3 (Barbarians at the Gate 1), B4 (Barbarians at the Gate 2)
  • B5 (Ogre: Nightfall 1), K2 (Ogre: Nightfall 2), L2 (Ogre: Nightfall 3)
  • E5 (Uncommon Ogres 1), E6 (Uncommon Ogres 2)
  • M3 (BGG Exclusive Overlays 1), M4 (BGG Exclusive Overlays 2)
  • N1 (BGG 3-D Units)
  • O1 (Strategic and Tactical Objectives)
  • R1 (ACD Distribution Sponsored Sheet)

Additional information (including electronic versions of many of the paper materials) is available at the Ogre Designer's Edition page and the Ogre Resources page. If you are new to Ogre, you might also want to consult the Quick Start rules (free from e23) for your first game.

If you open one of our games and it's not complete, or if you get a book with missing pages, or if you encounter any similar printing or assembly problem with a new product, contact us at (even for retail copies).

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