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Since everything I've done with my blog has basically been an imitation of Douglas Cole and Peter dell'Orto, it's past time I wrote a thread so I can update people when I update the blog.

My blog is focused mostly on GURPS, especially Dungeon Fantasy, but it sometimes veers into whatever I've been playing most recently.

It's been around for about 8 months, so I want to highlight some of the more interesting collections of articles:

The Dungeon Fantasy Template Evaluation: I've been running and playing in DF games for 5 years, and now I'm writing about the templates and what makes them good or bad and ways to improve them or get more out of playing them.

College Ritual Book magic: An alternate take on Ritual Magic, stealing some of the concepts from Ritual Path Magic.

Better Fantasy Armor: Another attempt at armor cost/weight rules, focused on DF games where a thief in DR2 leather should be agile and flexible, even if that's not completely realistic, but also making sure that a knight in DR9 plate has a better DR/weight ratio than the thief.

Spaceship Combat Examples: Some play throughs of combats using self designed ships from Spaceships. Inspired by a forum thread.

Changing the Tide and Savage Tide: Actual Play: I've adapted the D&D Adventure Path "Savage Tides" for my F2F group and ran them through it. Changing the Tide talks about the hows and whys of adapting it to GURPS and making it playable. Savage Tide: Actual Play are brief game reports of how the adapted adventure actually played out.
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