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Almost everybody else in this thread seems to support standard GURPS combat. As does almost everybody I've ever played GURPS with.

And yes, some of us have experimented with combat as a simple contest (even me) and yet we're back to using the more complex rules again.
GURPS seems to be engineered for people that enjoy really complex rules. There is some appeal to that. The noncombat skills and action resolution mechanics (particular the social) are pretty good and a real draw that everyone has liked. The combat not so much. All we really want/need is to know who gets hit and how much it hurts in a way that's easy and quick to handle, especially if you're just doing it in your head. The contested rolls add all the flavor we need/want to come from the mechanics.

I know its a preference. We get the same reactions from D and D players when it comes up we don't use battlemaps and minis in our games. Overall, we like combat to be breezy and fast but fun without a stack of rules to keep in mind. Hopefully the contested rules will work where the regular rules didn't. I can't really see going back to the standard rules if they don't.
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