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Default Re: (Updated 10/24/2013) Critical Links & Useful Information -- READ ME FIRST!!!

How can I find other Munchkin players where I live?

Great question!

As with all things, we recommend visiting your Friendly Local Game Store, if you have one. Many of them have corkboards where gamers can post signs looking for games or advertising games they want to play. Many of them also have regularly scheduled game nights where you can bring your Munchkin boxes and play a pickup game. We can't recommend your FLGS highly enough.

Larger communities will often have one or more online groups with regularly scheduled game nights. seems to be the best-known hub for arranging these groups (enough that the generic term is turning into "meetups"), but there are others and it's worth doing a search.

(Aside: if you haven't typed "board games in [place I live]" into your favorite search engine, it's worth a shot!)

SJ Games has two resources that you can use. Our online Gamer Finder lets you search for gamers in your area . . . and don't forget to put in your own information, so people can find YOU!

Finally, our Gamer Finder forum is a great place to find people who also hang out here. Toss a post up there and look through it to see if other people are also looking for gamers in your area!
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