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Originally Posted by Ghostdancer View Post
Triple Threat: Ghouls

These aren't your typical ghouls! These are straight out of Lovecraft (that's like straight out of Compton, but with less gangs and more Cthulhu eating you). With stats for generic campaigns, Dungeon Fantasy, and Monster Hunters, these carnivorous necromorphs should add a touch of horror to any campaign. Mmm, what's for dinner? Leftovers a la corpse.

Straight out of Ry'leh,
a crazy mutha-fnorda named Cthulhu,
from a gang called Great Old Ones with attitude.

Summoned out, from the deep out
rise on waves and bodies are hollowed out.
Investigators they fnord with me?
Elder sign be drawn to get me off yo back,
that's how the island sinks, the punk motha mi-go kind fo stink

The cultists chanting, and handwaving
When I climb on shore it their ass I be saving
To eat last, that's how it all ends, with me mucnhing on all your friends

Nyarlathotep's smooth
When we come, your minds lose.

The sing song of madness, to keep you dancing.
Die Vermis Mysteriies was read by Charles Manson

Hastur's name is rolls off the tongue nice
Don't make me say it motherfnordin' thrice.

Maybe I'll come in dreams and omens, no maybe
the eldar gods come when the cultists chant daily
yo weekly, monthly and yearly
Until all dumb muthah-fnordias see clearly

With their eyes open to the truth of the signs!
The entire world is in the end times.

So when the seas boil you'll avoid the shore
But Cthulhu is hungry as fnord

As I leave, cities I'm slaying
But when I come back, boy, I'm comin' straight out of Ry'leh.

also, I am loving your blog.
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