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Default Re: CORPS conspiracy setting re-released

CORPS has two different types of conspiracies going on. The first is the "small c" conspiracy, the Iran-Contra, Operation Paperclip, Tuskeegee Experiment, Area 51 kind of stuff. These can stand alone as things that adventurers uncover, investigate or get involved in, or be linked to the "big C" conspiracies. The "big C" conspiracies deal with the really weird stuff far too many people believe, and are explained in CORPS by information overlap between realities, a sort of quantum information transfer between alternate selves. So for instance, there is a "nearby" alternate Earth where a certain President was actually born a foreign citizen and ineligible to be President. And a subset of people here have that reality impinging on their consciousness, so despite all evidence to the contrary, that's what they believe. Similarly, there is an alternate Earth where the Apollo Program never happened. And some poor sods over there are considered crazy for believing there was some secret space program and men actually walked on the Moon. This gets into Philadelphia Experiment, Bermuda Triangle and Montauk Project territory.

Adventurers probably start with the "conspiracies", but eventually get involved in "Conspiracies", and find that there are movers and shakers operating across probability, and not all of them are aware of each other. It is likely that at some point, characters will be able to cross over and influence things in one place so as to adjust the perceptions of reality in another. The central idea is that after centuries of things happening in the background, things are finally coming to a head and groups are starting to show their hands. So, the gameworld starts in the "now", but has the potential to go really weird. Aliens, killer robots, dimensional collapse, goateed evil twins, the works.

It is set up with three separate "big picture" plots, not all of which are required, but all of which can interact, interfere or be played off against each other, and lots of minor conspiracies and bit players which may or may not have built-in linkages to one or more of the major plots. About a hundred pages of the book is just writeups of the various major and minor factions in play. So even if players read it, there is no way to tell at first glance whether the GM is presenting something real or just a red herring.

There is no "magic" or mysticism in the setting, and it is all rather techno, but it is definitely several steps past your "Bourne Conspiracy" sort of modern setting. More like Primeval or Fringe (but without the time travellers as major players). So, it might not be your cup of tea.
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