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Default Re: Power-Ups for RPM?

Originally Posted by Peter Knutsen View Post
To clarify: I'm interested in Power-Ups that interact with the RPM system.
Like these?

Gathering Mastery -- Improved Path Caps 4 (Only for faster energy gathering*) [4] + Natural Caster 4 (Only for faster energy gathering, -50%) [30] + Rules Exemption (The Natural Caster in this ability can stack with normal Natural Caster) [1]. Your attempts to gather ambient energy take only one second (or one minute for non-adepts), at no extra penalty. 35 points.

* This is a feature because perks cannot have limitations.

Mana Sponge -- Regeneration (Very Fast or Extreme; Energy Reserve Only, +0%; Magical, -10%) [90 or 135]. Your mana reserve refills automatically, even when you're in combat. The size of your mana reserve has no effect on your refill rate. 90 points for 1 MR/second, 135 points for 10 MR/second.

Unerring Missiles: -- Energy Reserve 60 (Mana Reserve; Only to enhance missile rituals, -50%; Only adds one of two types of Cosmic, -10%; Only rechargeable out of combat, -10%) [54]. Once per combat, you may declare that an external damage (i.e., "missile") spell has one of the following two effects: Either it ignores all DR or the target gets no active defense against it.

There is a limit to how large a missile you can empower in this way, depending on the damage type. For pi-, the limit is 33d; for cut or pi+, 12d+3; for cor, fat, imp, or pi++, 9d+6; and for everything else, 18d.

Technically, this power-up burdens the caster with another 60 mana reserve to refill, but since refills are assumed to happen during downtime, the GM should consider this usable once per combat unless two combats happen within a very short time of each other (in which case, play out the refill rolls). 54 points.
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