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Default Re: What makes a good villain?

Originally Posted by Asta Kask View Post
I've just finished watching two movies with excellent villains - Die Hard and Wrath of Khan. In fact, both movies (especially Wrath of Khan) are made by their villains. And the same holds true of many roleplaying campaigns. But what makes a good villain? What makes a villain memorable? What makes him or her someone your players come back to the table to defeat, time and time again?
Snappy dialogue and a sense of style. He has to be interesting to watch. Which may go some way towards explaining why I have zero interest in zombie hordes.

It also helps if the villain hurts the PCs (doesn't have to be much, but hurt them or their interests) and gets away without sustaining significant damage (to him or his interests). This gives the PCs a sense of grievance and a continuing interest in him.
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