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Default Re: Ritual Path Magic already has supplements?

Oy I feel like a one-trick pony now. >_< Did I write all that? Man, I got like six more articles in the queue too... As a apology for all that flotsam, here, have a guide for using Metatronic Generators as a ritual path magic enchantment system.

The Basics
  • Instead of using Electronics Operation (Metatronics) use Thaumatology instead. GMs may allow Path skill rolls instead for certain items. For example, a Wand of Fireballs might require a Path of Energy roll instead of Thaumatology.
  • Treat Critical failures as a botch on a spell and make a HT roll.
  • Use the Extra Effort rules normally, but make a Will-Based Thaumatology roll.
  • RPM metatronic generators can be cumulative with the wearers abilities but only for Magical Tools (see Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic, p. 33).
  • RPM metatronic generators use Magical as a standard power modifier.
  • Do not use the modifiers under Enchanted Limitations (Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic, p. 33), the item’s “gadget” modifiers are already taken into account using the Power Table.
  • Unprotected objects use the regular costs (and anyone can use them), but protected objects require incense, special oils, etc equal to one hundredth the final cost of the generator and the expenditure of character points equal to (one quarter the Final Cost divided Campaign Starting Wealth). So a TL 8 RPM metatronic generator that cost $80,000 would require $800 in special materials to bind it to your aura and the permanent expenditure of 1 character point. No one but you could use it and it would occupy one of your Conditional Spell Slots.

Designing and Building

Most RPM metatronic generators are going to apparatuses, for magical staves, swords, etc, go through the regular design process.

Using the Generator

This is pretty much the same. For “power rings” and the like, use the Innate Attack skill to hit instead of Thaumatology.

Powering a Generator
  • Energy may be accumulated to pay a generator’s FP cost using the following formula: 5 x FP cost. This uses the Path of Magic (exactly as if you were filling your mana reserve). For example, a generator that costs 1 FP to use, can instead be powered by 5 points of accumulated energy.
  • Capacitors buy Energy Reserve (Mana Reserve) at 3 points per level. If a given generator can only use a capacitor, use the rules for the built in ER. If a generator must use accumulated energy, add “Accessibility, FP costs must be accumulated normally, -5%.”
  • Self-Powered generators accumulate energy over time, assume a Path of Magic skill of 15 and roll each turn. This is exactly as if you were filling a mana reserve. For a Path of Magic skill of 20, quadruple, not double the final cost of the item.
  • It isn’t suggested that battery costs be used, but if the GM wants too he’ll need to figure out how much FP is in each battery type and shape.

Generator Examples
  • Tiny generators: rings, circlets, etc.
  • Mini generators: wands, daggers, etc.
  • Small generators: staves, rods, etc.
  • Portable generators: armor, swords, etc.
  • Semi-Portable generators: cloaks, robes, etc.
  • Large generators: vehicles, golem horses, etc.

Ritual Path Magic Metatronic Generator "Magic Item" Examples

Amulet of N’thr’ki (A Bound Spell)
This device grants the wearer a powerful necromantic aura that drains 1d-2 points of HP from all targets within two yards if they fail to win a Quick Contest of Will with the wearer. The wearer heals the same number of HP (regardless of how much he actually drained. Activating the device requires a Path of Undead roll instead of Thaumatology due to its insidious necromantic nature. Mini, $690,000, 0.3 lbs. Self-Powered. LC1.

Statistics: Leech 1d-2 (minimum of 1 point) (Accelerated Healing, +25%; Area Effect, 2 yards, +50%; Aura, +80%; Magical, -10%; Malediction 1, +100%; Melee Compatible, reach C, +10%) [115].

Staff of the Magi (A Magical Tool)

This staff makes turns the bearer into a powerful caster! It grants the following abilities in addition to be used as a Fine Balanced Styled (+3) quarterstaff.
  • Absorbs the first 10 points of damage from magical attacks and reduces Armor Divisors by one step. Additionally, every point of damage this stops heals 1 point of the staff’s mana reserve or your mana reserve. You can even hold onto excessive magical energy that exceeds your reseve, with excess points “bleeding away” at one point per second.
  • Energy Reserve 30 (Mana Reserve).
  • Improve Magery (Ritual Path) by five levels.
  • Magic Resistance 5 (Improved).
  • Ritual Adept (if the caster didn’t already have it, if he did it adds four additional levels of Magery (Ritual Path) instead!).
  • Retributive Strike: If a caster is desperate, he can sacrifice the staff, destroying it permanently in the process. This magical strike does 23d burning explosive damage to everything but the caster in a 16-yard radius and has a Armor Divisor (2). This burning damage treats the flammability class (Making Things Burn, p. B433) of all subjects as four steps lower than it actually is!
  • It has a Path of Magic skill of 20 for determining recharge times to its Energy Reserve.
Small, $2,810,144, 5 lbs. Self-Powered. LC2.

Statistics: Damage Resistance 10 (Absorption, Heals Mana Reserve*, +80%), Force Field, +20%, Hardened 1, +20%; Limited, Magic, -20%) [50] + Energy Reserve 30 (Mana Reserve) [90] + Magery 5 (Ritual Path) [50] + Magic Resistance 5 (Improved, +150%; Magical, -10%) [24] + Ritual Adept (Magical, -10%) [40] or Magery 4 (Ritual Path) [9†] + Retributive Strike [18‡].
* This heals the ER of the staff first and then your own mana reserve instead of HP or FP, and can “overcharge” your mana reserve if it is full, with a point over your normal Mana Reserve “melting” away every second.
† This is a alternate ability of Ritual Adept.
‡ Burning Attack 23d (Area Effect, 16 yards, +200%; Armor Divisor /2, +50%; Backlash, Instant Destruction, -300% Cosmic, Higher levels of Incendiary, +300%; Incendiary 4, +40%; Magical, -10%) [18]. This is both a One-Use Ability and a Alternate Ability of Energy Reserve.

Thanks to our local Mad Spanish Rules Lawyer for help with the Leech build for the Amulet of N’thr’ki.
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