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Default Re: GURPS Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic

Originally Posted by JP42 View Post

Okay, well, speaking in your official capacity, which genre book or tool kit is in most need of a worked example? If one were, say, interested in writing such a thing, hypothetically...
Well . . .
  • GURPS Action has just three releases to four for GURPS Monster Hunters and 17 (and counting) for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. That can't be right.

  • GURPS Bio-Tech has never received an expansion. Surely there are ultra-short and short items possible on specific new technologies, quick-and-cinematic gengineering rules, Powers crossovers for bio-powers, etc.?

  • GURPS Magic has had . . . um, one follow-on (Plant Spells), even though there are 23 other colleges. Surely someone likes the ol' spell-magic system enough that it deserves some love?

  • GURPS Mass Combat still hasn't received a single proposal for worked force rosters, or expanded lists of element types, or an element-design system. Huh, I expected all of those about a week after it came out.

  • GURPS Social Engineering seems terribly lonely for such a social supplement. (Full disclosure requires me to note that I have one in the publication queue.)

  • GURPS Supers has no follow-ons. Whaaa . . . ? Just the FAQs on these forums suggest stuff like GURPS Supers: Speedsters and GURPS Supers: The Ultimate Brick.

  • GURPS Thaumatology: Magical Styles is itself a spinoff, but where are the worked examples of styles? (Again, full disclosure requires me to note that I have one in the publication queue.)
I'll grant that until our queue starts to clear and we can start accepting proposals again, all of this stuff is academic. However, you asked me about need rather than the practicalities of getting supplements approved, edited, and out the door. :)
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