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Spreadsheets containing corrected prerequisite counts from Thaumatology, as well as alternate counts (ex: counting advantages).

Full details in these previous threads:
Alternate spell prerequisite counts for Ritual Magic
Magic spell prerequisite count corrections

Alternate spell prerequisite counts: AltRitualMagicPrereqCounts[csv/xlsx].zip
Prerequisite count curve comparison: PrereqCurveCompare.png
Counts included: Thaumatology/RAW; Thaumatology/corrected; W/Advantages (1/10cps); A couple of custom counting methods- see original thread for details.

Prerequisite counting script:
Archive of prereq counting script and all input data. Includes RPK's balanced ritual magic GDF (from, and has the capability to automatically updates the counts in the GDF. There is some very basic documentation in a Readme file. Requires perl.
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