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Default Re: Dodging while being levitated by Telekinesis?

Well, -1 to Dodge owing to being grappled at all, and losing +3 for retreat and +2 for Acrobatic Dodge . . . that's fairly severe. But note that a pin is not a Quick Contest. It's a Regular Contest, which means that the victim has to fail while the teke succeeds. That could take a while!

I'm just saying that grappling doesn't become special merely because you use TK to do it. Grappling is grappling, and TK simply lets you do it at a distance. If you want TK to produce severe penalties, such as for lying down, then you have to use it for takedown first (winning the Quick Contest to put someone in a prone posture), and then for a pin. Grabbing someone with it is completely identical to grabbing him with a pair of hands – the rules are very explicit on this point. Telekinesis is not meant to be better than that; its advantages are range and invisibility, not superior restraint.

Of course, TK lets you buy very high ST rather cheaply, so winning ST-based Contests becomes rather trivial if you really invest in TK. The key point is that it's no more effective than a person who goes hands-on with an equivalent level of ST.

A well-rounded psychokinetic character who wants instant restraint should be investing in Binding with the Psi power modifier and the Unbreakable enhancement.
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