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Default Dodging while being levitated by Telekinesis?

As my gaming group includes a telekinetic character, we did have the situation, several times, where an enemy is lifted into the air and the rest of the group uses ranged weapons on said foe.

The question is, what exactly does being lifted into the air by telekinesis count as?

For starters, of course anyone manipulated telekinetically is grappled, but where does it go from there?

1. Is he considered grappled and now, being in the air, as having very bad footing, none, to thus lower any dodge or other defence?
If so, how high should that penalty be?

2. Should it be treated as a form of pin, meaning, character establishes control first and then lifts the opponent up in the next manoeuvre by making a suitable contest of strength / skill / etc?
If so, as it takes 1, 2 or four seconds to lift an object depending on the weight and your strength, when would he be effectively pinned?

3. Alternatively, would it be able to "pin", effectively completely immobilize someone AFTER you levitated him?
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