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Frag Three ideas on this one

Once per game when you are Fragged you can respawn using the
Munchkin Pawn. You can instantly raise one stat by one point and also start that round with the chainsaw weapon which does not count towards your maximum.

Once per turn when using the Munchkin Pawn you can reroll a missed power up pickup. This pawn can only be used until it is fragged twice, after that replace it with the Frag piece of the appropriate color.

This rule only works in games for longer than three frags. For each three frags you can raise one stat by one, you cannot raise any stat by more than one this way.

Munchkin Level Playing Field

If you use the Munchkin Pawn matching the color you select at the start of the game the bonus token counts as +2 instead of +1

Munchkin Quest (yes even a rule for quest)
If you have a spare Munchkin Pawn (meaning not the one you are playing with) you may put it on an item so it is either unstealable or unaffected by bad stuff, but not both. The item can still be lost to Traps, Curses, or death.

Awful Green Things
During crew set up you can replace one of the pieces that one has an attack strength of one with the munchkin pawn (keep the original crew under the pawn to consult other stats). Once per game after trying a new weapon with the Munchkin Pawn you may redraw a weapon effect chip. You must take the second result.

Give Me the Brain
Once per game you may use the Munchkin pawn in place of a bid card to count as a 32 bid. After taking the brain draw 3 cards. If two or more players use the munchkin pawn in the same bid they bid again using normal bid cards.

Mad Scientist University
Once per game you can play your Munchkin Pawn instead of the Unstable Element you were dealt. You can count the pawn as either a Chainsaw or Giant Hammer to complete your Insane Assignment.

Gloom (and Cthuhu Gloom)
Once per game you can use a munchkin pawn to remove the top modifier from any living character.

Fluxx (any Variation)
You may place the Munchkin Pawn on any keeper to make it unstealable.

Once per game before your bid phase you can trade in your pawn for two extra force, two extra blackmail, or one of each.

You may play the Munchkin Pawn as an Artifact as well long as it is not the last Artifact you need to meet the winning condition.

Seven Dragons (or Aquarius)
You May play the Pawn on any card to make that element count as two connections rather than one. This cannot be used to create the seventh connection.

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