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Default Re: Conventions and SFWA's anti-harassment policy

Originally Posted by robkelk View Post
I stand corrected. It's still a policy that the SFWA is associated with (in as much as it's posted on their official website), though.
It's posted as a resource and a policy that several SFWA folks have adopted, though. Reading that page, I see nothing there that even hints at "this is an official SFWA policy and SFWA members should adhere to it." It's much more of a "hey, if you're looking for a policy, some of our former and present officers have chosen this one."

While I personally agree with the policy, I have received no directive from On High regarding all. I take that to mean that from the company's perspective, I am free to adhere to it (or ignore it) as I see fit. Of course, with me working from off-site, my lack of direction may not reflect what the guys at HQ are please don't take this as anything more than what I've said.
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