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Ultimately, the limitation is "Anything the GM agrees is right on for a ninja," which is worth a measly -10% because ninja are awesome and can justify anything . . . even the Chuck Norris of pixies hidden in a special nageteppo!

Also, I think that the overlooked second paragraph is the kicker:
Alternatively, you can use your Gizmo to "trick out" a weapon of any size that you have ready in your hand: Your ninja-to's sheath might act as a snorkel or a blowpipe, your staff could have a hidden kusari inside or turn into climbing pole, etc. The limit here is one Gizmo per weapon per adventure. Thus, you must whip out a new weapon for each trick.
Yes, that does mean that if you have Gizmos 3 and go on four adventures, you end up with 12 permanent weapon enhancements. How is that not cool?
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