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Default Re: Pyramid Volume Three Index

#73: Monster Hunters II (November 2014)
  • Tactical Shooting: Monster Hunters (Hans-Christian Vortisch)
  • The Department of Occult Defense (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Eidetic Memory: Venatio (David L. Pulver)
  • Monster Hunters 2043: Agents of ORCID (W.A. Frick) (plus supplementary material)
  • The Flock of the Above (J. Edward Tremlett)
  • Random Thought Table:Threats Great, Small, and Unexpected (Steven Marsh)
#74: Wild West (December 2014)
  • Ashiwi Country (Matt Riggsby)
  • Outlaws and Arrows (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Eidetic Memory: Steamboats and Locomotives of the Old West (David L. Pulver)
  • A Westward-Shambling Horde (Sean Punch)
  • Famous Wild West Gunfights (Hans-Christian Vortisch)
  • Random Thought Table: Little Bits of the West (Steven Marsh)
#75: Hero's Jackpot (January 2015)
  • Just Rewards (Sean Punch)
  • A Familiar Path (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Eidetic Memory: Rewarding Colonel Omsford (David L. Pulver)
  • Drinkable, Wearable, Impossible Points (Steven Marsh)
  • Stealing Magic (J. Edward Tremlett)
  • Random Thought Table: Mix It Up! (Steven Marsh)
#76: Dungeon Fantasy IV (February 2015)
  • Psychic Swords Against Elder Evil (Sean Punch)
  • Hidden Knowledge (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Eidetic Memory: Living Rooms (David L. Pulver)
  • The Magic Touch (Matt Riggsby)
  • Dire and Terrible Monsters (Douglas H. Cole and Peter V. Dell'Orto)
  • Random Thought Table: Complications Made Simple (Steven Marsh)
#77: Combat (March 2015)
  • Combat Writ Large (Sean Punch)
  • Low-Tech Armor Loadouts for the New World (Dan Howard)
  • Eidetic Memory: Ancient Egyptian and Roman Armies (David L. Pulver)
  • On Target (Douglas H. Cole)
  • It's a Threat! (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Random Thought Table: Faster, Combatants! Kill! Kill! (Steven Marsh)
#78: Unleash Your Soul (April 2015)
  • Blessed Be (Sean Punch)
  • Clerics of Order and Chaos (Cole M.B. Jenkins)
  • Eidetic Memory:The Voice of the Moon (David L. Pulver)
  • Cursed Thou Art (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Secrets of the Universe! (Steven Marsh)
  • Random Thought Table: Keeping the Faith (Steven Marsh)
#79: Space Atlas (May 2015)
  • Ostara (David L. Pulver)
  • The Vanishing Sun (Christopher R. Rice)
  • The SkipTime Hub of the OceanWe (J. Edward Tremlett)
  • Halfway to Anywhere (Timothy Ponce)
  • Homeward Unbound (Steven Marsh)
  • Random Thought Table: Awe's Right With the World (Steven Marsh)
#80: Fantasy Threats (June 2015)
  • The Gryndel Menace (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Gog and Magog (W.A. Frick)
  • Eidetic Memory: The Knights of the Iron Table (David L. Pulver)
  • On the Bounty Board (Justin Yoder)
  • More Psionic Threats (Cole M.B. Jenkins)
  • Random Thought Table: The Threat of the Unknown (Steven Marsh)
#81: Horrific Creations (July 2015)
  • Iraqi Irruptor Blues (Jason "PK" Levine)
  • Too Similar, Too Different (Michele Armellini)
  • Eidetic Memory: Hellblade (David L. Pulver)
  • Anatomy of a Crossroads Bargain (Jon Black)
  • Bell, Book, and Candle (J. Edward Tremlett)
  • Altus Brat (Nathan Milner)
  • Random Thought Table: The Good, the Bad, and the Scary (Steven Marsh)
#82: Magical Creations (August 2015)
  • Dungeon Brewmasters (Jason "PK" Levine)
  • The Sorcerer (Antoni Ten Monrós)
  • Eidetic Memory: Eight Artifacts (David L. Pulver)
  • The Hunter's Reliquary (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Instruments of Enchantment (Jon Black)
  • Random Thought Table: Tangible Abstractions (Steven Marsh)
  • Appendix Z: More Charms (Antoni Ten Monrós)
#83: Alternate GURPS IV (September 2015)
  • Pointless Monster Hunting (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Knowing Your Own Strength (Sean Punch)
  • Eidetic Memory: Playing With Health (David L. Pulver)
  • Schrödinger's Backpack (Douglas H. Cole)
  • Possessions Under Control (Timothy Ponce)
  • Random Thought Table: A Different Side of Dice (Steven Marsh)
#84: Perspectives (October 2015)
  • The Long and the Short of It (Sean Punch)
  • Eidetic Memory: The Disappearance of Father Cohen (David L. Pulver)
  • Heroes on the Mass Scale (Christopher R. Rice)
  • The Elvey Institute (Steven Marsh)
  • Random Thought Table: Look Out . . . Outlooks! (Steven Marsh)

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