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Default Re: [Kromm]GURPS Space without starships?

Space will contain:
  • Brief overview of space SF, esp. in literature.
  • Guide to space campaign types.
  • Input on how to decide on the type(s) of spaceflight in the campaign.
  • Advice on other possible technologies in the campaign.
  • Detailed system for world creation.
  • Detailed system for star-system creation.
  • Detailed system for alien creation.
  • Guidelines for creating spacefaring societies.
  • Brief advice on creating adventures.
  • Character-creation notes, with templates.
  • Lengthy bibliography.
With it, you can create space campaigns with detailed systems, worlds, aliens, and spacefaring civilizations, and more easily create adventures and characters that fit. You'll need other books for ships and gadgets, but the chapters on technology will suggest what sorts of ships and gadgets suit what kinds of campaigns. The sheer variety here would fill another book . . . say, Ultra-Tech or a vehicles title.
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