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Default Re: Addiction and long-term effects

Originally Posted by malloyd View Post
Good idea. I wouldn't use HT though, for the same reason 4e disadvantages moved away from using Will to resist mental disadvantages. A flat value linked to the cost of the disadvantage and more or less immune to modifiers is substantially harder to abuse.
Yeah. I was unhappy about the suggestion to decople mental disads from Will, initially, because it didn't feel at all realistic to me that a high Will character should have a high likelihood to succumb to his foibles.

I eventually came around, and now use a similar mechanic in Sagatafl. The only effect high Will has is that the character gets some Willpower Points (only for really high Will, or with a special advantage), that lets him suppress a mental disads. Like once a month maybe (but then you miss out on all the other neat things that Willpower Points can let you do). It's possible to implement a similar subsystem in GURPS, of course.

Originally Posted by malloyd View Post
The other big hole with Terminally Ill is that most horrible illnesses make you *sick* before they kill you. Making the rolls even harder but offering the option of taking 25 points worth of GM selected physical disadvantages (sort of the inverse of Extra Life) and not dropping dead, at least the first few times you miss the roll, might address that too.
I'm more inclined to make it a kind of roll with multiple outcomes. If you Fumble real bad, you die. If you Fumble less badly, you're bedridden and delirious. If you merely fail, you're in Chronic Pain or something like that.

Or yes, some kind of progressive illness, where each time you fail the roll you progress along the track, to worse symptoms. Existing symptoms get worse, or new ones get added.

In GURPS it'd be faily easy to build such tracks, just add 5 CP of unpleasant crap every time there's a "ding" on the track, but leave a few ding-less points early in the track. In fact several such writeups could be an excellent chapter in GURPS Power-Downs.
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