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Default Re: Addiction and long-term effects

Originally Posted by Asta Kask View Post
Caffeine could be thought of as an example.
Long term caffeine usage has detrimental effects; I know first hand because I started ingesting significant doses early on (grew up drinking soda, started needing my morning coffee at like age 12) and now I can't have any at all. It aggravates various "conditions", some of which it likely caused. This is true (or at least suspected) for a lot of things (artificial sweeteners, preservatives, etc.). Understanding addiction is complicated; many things have both a physical and psychological component. The longer we live coupled with the earlier (and/or more frequently) we are exposed to various things has revealed that they aren't really that safe.

The thing is this is a Disadvantage begging to be micromanaged, but I agree "as is" doesn't seem right either.
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