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Default Re: Addiction and long-term effects

Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
A Disadvantage that makes you constantly lose point is kinda not nice on the meta level. This applies to Alcoholism and to some extent to Post-Combat Shakes.
Dangerous drugs suck really hard. I see it as related to Terminally Ill. The concept is sound, although the specific implementation, in GURPS, is not good. My own take on Terminally Ill, intended for use in Modern Action RPG and which I'll almost certainly recycle in Sagatafl, is that you must make periodic rolls to see whether you die, instead of knowing (on the player level, or on the character level) when you'll die.

It could be a HT+1 roll per week, in GURPS terms, or a HT-2 roll per day, or anything like that. It could be unrelated to HT (that would be my inclination), or based on the average of HT and 10, or even the weighted average of HT and 10.

That does suck very hard, and therefore the compensatory points, for choosing such a trait during character creation, must also be generous.
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