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Default Retreating With A Steed: Modifiers

Need For Steed states that the Run Away roll of a Steed replaces that of the player's bonuses, and gives the example of an Elf. Well, I'd like to know how far this extends, because the example wasn't broad enough to clarify matters for our game: the example doesn't clarify for items, for sure. So, here's some clarifiers...please let me know which of these are correct.

1. Steed with +1 to Run Away and Elf is +1 to Run Away, Elf bonus is negated, total is +1 to Run Away.
2. Steed is -1 to Run Away and Elf is +1 to Run Away, Elf bonus is negated, total is -1 to Run Away.

A. Player has Bag of Caltrops. Caltrops can be dropped on the ground, and don't affect the player's own movement. Result should be +1 to Run Away added to whatever the Steed bonus is.
B. Player has Tuba of Charm. Tuba can be played while on a Steed's back, so the +3 to Run Away would apply.
C. Player has Boots of Running Really Fast. The player wears these Boots on his own feet - and presumably, the Steed cannot use these Boots - so the +2 to Run Away bonus does NOT apply in this situation.

3. Even though the Wolf Steed has no Run Away bonus applied to it, an Elf would nonetheless be riding on the Wolf's back, and therefore not running away himself. Consequently, the Elf's +1 to Run Away bonus would not apply: the roll would be a standard roll because the Wolf has no bonus.

Alternative Question...

The Raptor states that it charges into battle, so the player cannot run away: suffer the Bad Stuff. Yet, here, depending on what item one is using, it could be interpreted that some auto-run items could work and others couldn't for the scenario.

4. An Invisibility Potion is used only after rolling to run away. Someone using a Raptor cannot even roll, so this potion could not be used. In a practical scenario, the Raptor would keep attacking even while invisible until the potion wore off, and then the monsters would catch it.
5. An Instant Wall has no roll involved, but suggests automatic escape, and I would assume that this DOES work for the Raptor. In a practical scenario, a wall simply appears between the Raptor and the monsters, and the Raptor can no longer go after them: the player is safe.
6. Baby Oil, like Instant Wall, has no roll involved, so this should also work. In a practical scenario, everyone would be slip-sliding everywhere, and the Raptor's efforts at engaging foes would be useless. The player would be safe.
7. Sacrificing a Hireling would let the monsters go after the Hireling...but this still doesn't stop the Raptor from charging the opponents anyways. Tossing a Hireling is supposed to distract the opponents while the player runs, but with a Raptor around, the Raptor isn't running. Hirelings would not save the player if he is using a Raptor.

Have I analyzed these situations correctly? These are technical details that aren't obvious in the instructions...
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