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Having spent a chunk of the afternoon compiling a table of contents for Space, I have a couple of thoughts on this.

The heart of the book is in the chapters on creating worlds, star systems, and alien races. These are all greatly expanded, all current science, and all explained so clearly that even I can wrap my English-major head around it. There's also some excellent campaign planning advice, and other useful bits.

And while the book does not tell you how to create the game statistics for a spaceship, it spends quite a bit of time on choosing what technology a spaceship in your campaign uses. The Firefly analogy is quite apt (and we cite the series a few times in the book ourselves). We don't know exactly how fast the Serenity flies or how many tons of cargo it can lift, but we know that it doesn't have any guns, trips between planets take a few days, it can carry a few passengers and a herd of cattle, and that parts fall off when the captain goes cheap on the repairs. This book helps you make those decisions, and leaves detailed statistics for well, another book. :)

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